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DOODs is a digital tool to increase business performance by focusing on human resources and employee satisfaction. The use of DOODs sparks a culture of appreciation, participation and evolvement and puts an end to the “War for Talents”.


It´s becoming more and more difficult for entrepreneurs to reach competent professionals. The lack of loyal, passionate and well-trained employees is increasing rapidly, and there seems to be nothing to oppose.




The employees are the most valuable asset of every company. To focus on this topic is therefore a fundamental strategic decision.

DOODs combines – as the first and only of its kind - personality factors with satisfaction and growth in working life. Scientific personality profiles, periodic pulse surveys and concrete instructions for solving special challenges provide continuous support for management and staff.

In this way employees are enabled and motivated to actively shape their working life and to develop at their best – what in turn makes the company a favorable place to work and increases its attraction.





01 - DOODs PROFILING – Empowering Personalities

Scientifically sound personality profiles enable the identification of the most important traits and the most conducive work environment as well as the further development of individual strengths.

DOODs PROFILING is based on the globally recognized Big Five-Model. Our revised version focuses on the strengths and thus promote a positive self-image. Preferences and needs based on personality are recognized and can be communicated more clearly, which in turn makes it possible to support one another in personal and professional development.


02 - DOODs SURVEY – Living Feedback Culture

Using continuous short SURVEYs, the level of satisfaction is measured in real time and clearly presented in the dashboard. Open questions periodically gather constructive criticism, ideas and specific answers. Those factors that are - according to international research - determining happiness and satisfaction, are continuously screened and made visible at a very detailed level. Every change can be explicitly reviewed and responded to if necessary. It creates a lively and appreciative feedback culture for all involved.


03 - DOODs SOLUTING – Shaping Growth

Step-by-step instructions and best practice examples provide support for concrete problems and objectives.

Depending on the current challenge, valuable content from a growing pool of proven measures will be made available to help improving the situation. Thus, satisfaction and performance in the company can be measurably increased in a targeted and smart way.




DOODs is based on a FREEMIUM model: Even after an unrestricted test phase, DOODs can continue to be used in all basic functions. Additional content such as analytical details and evaluations as well as appropriate solutions and best practice examples are made available thereafter via the paid premium version.

DOODs PROFILING and the personal DOODs SURVEY are available to all users at any time free of charge.




CPO, Petar Bilosnic is the Product Owner and responsible for the product backlog, user experience and smooth functioning of the tool.

CMO, Mag. Isabella Dschulnigg-Geissler is an active and successful entrepreneur in a wide range of areas. Satisfied employees and personal growth are her central themes. At DOODs she brings her experience as a Team Leader and represents the company with her charismatic personality.

CEO, Mag. Christian Geissler: At the center of all his thoughts and actions is always the cooperative thought, encounters on equal terms and the pursuit of new, unconventional ways. With DOODs he wants to improve the quality of work and life of as many people as possible.

CTO, Marko Knesevic: As technical leader of the development team he makes sure that DOODs will not only keep the state of the art, but always exceed it with tricky solutions.

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